Chocolate molten lava pudding 

For this weeks recipe, I thought I would share the most indulgent recipe I know- Chocolate Motlton lava pudding!  Most of the recipes I have have posted have been healthy, I thought it was only fair to treat you to to a treat.

The chocolate molten lava pudding serves 2 and takes 30 minutes to prepare and bake. It’s an ideal dessert to share with someone else ( or enjoy both yourself).

As always, this recipe is purse friendly.The only two ingredient I had tobuy was the cooking chocolate and the vanilla essence. The rest of the ingredient’s, are items that most people will have in their cupboards.

I found the recipe on Spoon university. This is a great website made with young people in mind. The recipes are simple so perfect if like me, you are looking to build your confidence in the kitchen.



the ingredient’s  i used for this recipe

. 1 egg


. 80 grams of chocolate

.2 teaspoon of sugar

. 2 tablespoons of flour

. 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

.1 1/2 tablespoons of unsalted butter ( little more for greasing the pots)


  1. grease the pots with a little bit of butter
  2. preheat the oven to 170 degrees
  3. melt the butter in a pan, start to add the chocolate in. Keep in on a low heat
  4. whisk the egg, sugar and vanilla essence together. Add into chocolate mixture
  5. add the flour in. Rather than mix it, you need to fold it in. The mixture should thick and looks tempting to eat
  6. pour the mixture into the little pots and place in the oven for 8- 10 minutes.
  7. take out of the oven and let them stand for 10 minutes
  8.  place on a plate and turn it upside down for 5 minutes. Then take the puddings out and VOILA – the puddings are ready to enjoy.

Watch the my video below to follow the simple steps to make the chocolate molten lava dessert.


Cost and servings

I only had to buy the chocolate and vanilla essence as i had everything else in the house. This meant it only cost me ÂŁ1.44 and the ingredients made 2 molten lava puddings.

let me know what you think of this recipe by leaving a comment!

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Homemade banoffe pie

Monicas’ homemade banoffee pie

January is the month for going to the gym and green smoothies but you need a little treat to get you through the long, dull month. The little pots of Banoffee pie, is the perfect treat. This is actually one of my best friends mum’s recipe. I was always so excited to go to Lili’s for dinner in the off chance her mum, Monica would make Banoffee pie.

Since becoming more confident in the kitchen, there was no need for anyone else to have to make it for me. Taking under 15 minutes to make, It’s so easy to prepare, you could do it blind folded.


.95g of digestive biscuits

. A banana

. 150ml of double cream


. tinned caramel

ingredients needed for Banoffe pie


  1. Crush digestive biscuit by putting the biscuits in a bag and smashing it up with a rolling pin.

    After crushing up the biscuit
  2. melt around 2 table spoons of butter in  a pan then mix crushed biscuit into it until the mixture becomes a golden brown colour.
  3. Put the biscuit mixture into little pots. Anything can be used like ramekins. Fill to half way then put in fridge for 20 minutes.
  4. Take pots out of the fridge and with a knife, generously spread the caramel on top of it.
  5. Chop up a banana and place a couple of slices of banana on top of the caramel.


The pie after i put the caramel sauce on and the chopped up banana.


6. Whip the cream either using a machine or a fork, until it becomes very thick.

the cream after i had whipped it with a whisk



7. Spoon the cream on top of the banana then smooth over with a knife.

I added chocolate sprinkles for decoration but it still tastes good without.

Cost & servings  

I made 5 pots from the idgediants I had.The total came to ÂŁ4.08 so per portion, that’s only 96p!



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